Wilkore Construction is a privately owned design and construction company that operates throughout Australasia and Southeast Asia, building state-of-the-art facilities to the highest standards and accreditations. For 25 years we have developed, and continue to strengthen, our reputation for expertise in delivering technically complex projects. We work across sectors ranging from commercial and industrial, to specialist areas such as pharmaceutical, high containment, bioscience, logistics and nanotechnology research facilities.

Wilkore brings together a team of over 60 experienced professionals, including project managers, labourers, estimators, foremen, carpenters and engineers. As a company we believe that commitment is critical to the delivery of a successful project. Commitment to safety, to sustainability, to quality and to compliance. Our everyday procedures are designed to meet Australian Standards AS2982 and AS2243 requirements, including specific and additional requirements to meet AQIS third party assessment and OGTR guidelines.

Our success in construction involves much more than just buildings. It’s about long-term relationships with our clients. It’s about responding to diverse challenges of environment, scale, regulations, standards, logistics and compliance. It’s about lateral thinking, quality, flexibility, a can-do attitude and getting the job done. Most importantly it’s about our team that continues to deliver for our clients.